In 2014, Amsterdam-based DJ, producer and Safe Trip label boss Young Marco travelled to Indonesia by invitation from Island of the Gods for the opportunity to immerse himself within the indigenous culture that exists within the archipelago, and with a grandfather who was born and raised in Indonesia, connect with his roots. Given this kernel of information, and the rapid profile lift his exploratory DJ mixes and debut album Biology gave him in 2013, it all checks out.

Day by day, Marco collated field recordings from bustling town streets, empty beaches and lively jungles, using them as texture for interpretations of a series of improvised jam sessions. Gamelan, gong and bamboo musicians from local temples offering up millennia-old sacred worship music in dialogue with Macro’s drum machines and synthesisers; all slowly retooled, fleshed out and marinated in his home studio after he returned to Amsterdam.

On the 12th of July, the discoveries Marco made, and how he interwove them with his delicate production touch will be available for all when Island of the Gods releases Bahasa, the fourth instalment in their fascinating Island Explorer series. Eight tracks long, Bahasa isn’t so much a collection of songs as it is a gallery of sonic portraits - an impressionistic aural-environmental documentation of Marco’s understanding and memories of the spirit, ambience and atmosphere of Bali and the other islands he visited. In other words, it’s a blissful dreamscape, one more than worth spending some time with.

‘Bahasa’ is out 12 July through Island Of The Gods (pre-order here).