Not to be confused with the personal accident claims company operating under the same name, this is definitely a band, not a place where clumsy people can get paid. The band in question are Cardiff's much talked and written about local-heroes-hopefuls Islet. Already familiar with the festival circuit and having supported local boys Los Campesinos!, they have been doing all the right things to build a fanbase. In addition to their music, the band write a fanzine called The Isness, which has recently celebrated its fifth edition.

Illuminated People, released through Shape Records, represents the band's first foray into the world of full-length albums, although they already have two mini-albums to their name; Wimmy and Celebrate This Place. The first thing to take note about this album is the sheer variety. At no point do you feel like the band are repeating themselves. Ranging from the haunting conclusion of 'Entwined Pines' through to the stripped down Moldy Peaches-esque 'We Bow' and 'Shore', which could be used in the background of a fairground ride. Impatient listeners might not get through the 9 minute introduction that is 'Libra Man', but for those who are more resolute will be rewarded, not only in this great opener, but also in the subsequent 39 minutes.

This isn't an album that will catapult Islet into the consciousness of millions, but it won't be easily forgotten by those who let curiosity get the better of them. Having been mentioned on The 405's Ones To Watch List in 2010, it would seem that Illuminated People has been highly anticipated by some and should provide enough interest from inquiring listeners to see them get some much deserved attention. When we inevitably come to reflect on 2012 in 12 months time, Illuminated People should be an album that has turned the heads of the many, rather than the few.