Islet have tagged 'Triangulation Station' – yes, it's a bit of a mouthful - on SoundCloud as 'Adventurous and that's what it most certainly is. The Cardiff band have fused together progressive tones for this new psychedelic wonder. Small and random lyrical hooks like, "The wind is very strong, the wind is very strong, the wind is very strong, but it’s fine fine fine," plague the chorus, as it switches to become more intense with a staggered bass.

The other sounds shimmy around each other more so towards the end, with the cymbal-heavy beat, clear bass and twinkling bell-like noises making for a funky beat. Ending with a razoring synth and what sounds like a door bell, this really is a track of exploration. 'Triangulation Station' is out on 10th June and is taken from Islet's forthcoming album, Released By The Movement, due for an autumn release.