German neo-house artist Rajko 'Isolée' Müller is due to release a new EP titled Allowance back on regular label Pampa, this Wednesday (February 13th). The minimalist synth-jockey is probably best known for 1998s 'Beau Mot Plage' and a spate of other noughties electronica micro-hits, although his subsequent, lesser-known releases have gone down well with critics and fans alike. The new EP is set to follow up his 2011 record Well Spent Youth. There's a video for the lead cut from the record, also called 'Allowance', which features a woman roaming through a psychedelic snowscape full of jelly.

Watch the video and find the tracklisting below.

  • 1. Allowance
  • 2. You Could Do Your Memories
  • 3. Wobble