At the top of the week, M.I.A took to twitter to post a letter from the deputy CEO of football club Paris Saint-Germain, who not only criticized the video for her politically-charged single 'Borders,' but also threatened legal action if it wasn't removed after 24 hours. By sporting the Paris Saint-Germain top with team sponsor Fly Emirates' logo altered to read 'Fly Pirates,' throughout the visuals that openly criticize the treatment of refugees during the ongoing crisis in Europe, Jean Claude Blanc called the 'Borders video an "unpleasant surprise" but M.I.A is firing back.

"Obviously I don’t want to talk about fashion, but this is a fashion issue. You know, it’s a T-shirt. And the bigger picture and the bigger message in the video is completely ignored. It’s gone over their head," M.I.A said in a recent interview with Democracy Now to discuss the situation.

"Wearing football tops has been the uniform, or wearing tracksuits in Palestine, I guess, the underprivileged people of the world, because that is the cheapest thing we can find. It’s bootleg stuff. We bootleg the biggest brands. I think for [Paris Saint-Germain F.C.] to control that is a really stupid thing. You know, I can’t control something like that. And it’s just realistic, I thought, in representing the migrant community. You know, how do you leave that piece out if you’re making something or trying to make something realistic?"