Today is Thug Kitchen's one year anniversary and lets just say if you don't appreciate 'good fucking food' then what's the point in even living. Over the past year Thug Kitchen has not only given us inspiring meals to try out but has been a platform for people to share their experiences with food, be it messing up dinner or cooking the best piece of meat known to man.

Being described as an "uncensored Gordon Ramsey cookbook" the gangster lingo appeals to an audience who probably sit at home eating KFC and Nachos. So the idea is promising. Explaining how food gives you protein and fibres in a humours way, may this be the way forward of the youth of today to actually cook for themselves or is this just another website with vulgar language which will be banned in the next year.

Either way, you can't deny the humour 'Thug Kitchen' presents, as it leaves me saying to myself, "what the actual fuck, best go and make myself a satisfying son of a bitch tasty meal."

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