The act of being involved in the music business comes with its fair share of ups and downs. It can be rewarding having a platform for sharing your art, but with it can come the stress and pressure of building, maintaining, and growing a career, along with meeting various expectations while also living up to your own. So it's no surprise that artists sometimes find themselves feeling doubtful or overwhelmed at some point. Just one year ago, London by way of Italy duo M w S found themselves in a similar situation. But as artists often do, they turned to the creative process as a way of coping, and hat came from that was a new single called 'Complicated'.

In a press-release, the duo talked about how their own struggles led to writing the song; “We wrote 'Complicated' one year ago, in a moment of struggle with our own growth and career. The music business is an emotional roller coaster and many times, music is the best outcome for these emotions. Writing this song was liberating, it gave us strength to overcome our fears and put ourselves into a new project." Described as the first release from a forthcoming project, it sees M w S off to a strong and promising start.

'Complicated' marks a noticeable shift in sound; where previous releases boasted a kind of "retro" soul quality right down to the presence of pianos and organs, the slow lurching beats paired with fluttering hi-hats and hints of percussion, courtesy of beatmaker and engineer Santiago Morales, nudges them closer to modern "alternative" R&B territory.

But it's Francesco Drovandi's lush guitar arpeggios and Giulia Magnani's sultry voice that help retain the classy soulfulness they built their sound from. Something of a rebirth for them, it also shows the kind of growth artists are capable of when faced with doubt and uncertainty, and for M w S, it's proof of how easily they are able to embrace expanding on their sound while remaining true to their roots.

M w S have an upcoming headlining show at Servant Jazz Quarters. Tickets available here. 'Complicated' is available to stream on all platforms now.

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