There's nothing like a good dose of free stuff and Italians Do It Better's Johnny Jewel is willing to provide us with a hefty chunk of free. Six years after the original After Dark brought italodisco back to the forefront with covers of Kraftwerk and Mirage, and a few months after the release of its sequel, which featured more original music than the first instalment, Jewel is not only releasing After Dark 2 on Soundcloud as one continual track but also releasing instrumental only versions of every track on After Dark 2 for the "DJs, designers, directors, dancers, and cut up for their mixtapes, runways, films, stages, parties, etc."

Featuring the likes of Glass Candy, Desire and, the big name, Chromatics, After Dark 2 was hailed by many to be as scene defining as its first instalment. Bringing disco to those with a more post-punk mentality it's seen as this year's big cross-genre revival. If you want to listen to the full thing, you can do below, or you can just download the instrumental version and get chopping and changing your mixtapes here.

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