On June 11th Turnpike Glow release their latest EP, Inflatable Optimism, via Fünke Pop Records - so we decided to get Sandro and Guissepe to write about about being Italians in London. They've also allowed us to premiere the video for 'The Turn, The Pike and The Glow', which you can see below.

We moved from Italy to London a few years ago. We were told by a trusted friend that the rent was really cheap here. Needless to say, he’s not our friend anymore. When we took the decision, never in our wildest imagination did we think we’d end up working with Broken Social Scene producer David Newfeld. So it's worth paying steep rent and turning the heating on in May for that reason alone. A few years back we used to play the Roman indie circuit and things were looking up. Supporting The Futureheads was the highlight. We'd love to narrate the story of how we hang out with them and how we spent the night together all pissed and naked outside the Colosseum. But the truth is The Futurheads were enjoying dinner at a nice restaurant while we were on stage and they've probably never even heard of us. Still a great night though.

Then one day we recorded a few tracks with a very talented Italian producer called Giulio Favero and uploaded that material on the internet. The great response gathered from UK promoters and industry people encouraged us to book some cheap flights and fly over for a bunch of shows in the UK. The gigs went really well and so we decided to leave everything behind and take the plunge. It wasn’t easy to begin with as it took us a while to reform the band from scratch, meet the right people and find our way. Once we met our drummer Anthony, we got our act together and it all started to make sense again.

The Italian indie scene offers a lot of enthusiasm, plenty of willing and some very talented bands but the market share is tiny. Charts are dominated by soporific pop acts and it’s really tough for an indie band to get noticed by a larger audience.

Here in the UK people are more willing to give emerging bands a chance. Especially London with its countless venues it allows you to work hard on your live set by playing as many shows as possible. Given you have the right amount of friends, that is.

The video for the track 'The Turn, The Pike And The Glow', which is on our forthcoming EP Inflatable Optimism, is our attempt to be cast on 'Dancing With the Stars'. No seriously, it was all shot in one (very busy) day and features some light plays. The track was written after watching 'Inside Job'. The uncanny sense of impunity that pervades the documentary inspired some ironic lyrics on off-shore banking and moral bankruptcy.