When people think of the kind of music college bands are producing, they probably imagine some Poetry 101 lyrics set over three chords that were recorded through a shit microphone in a dorm room. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but production value and poignancy are usually not at the forefront of college music. This is not the case with Vern Matz, the project of three Yale students -- Daniel Belgrad, Michael Lituchy and Noah Silvestry. On their debut single, 'Trampolines,' the band melds acoustic folk sensibilities with experimental flair, resulting in one of the most moving singles of the year.

Lituchy handles the foundational piano, while Belgrad's acoustic guitar and vulnerable voice offer an intimacy that makes him feel as though he's in the room with you. Meanwhile Silvestry's drum parts and string arrangements give 'Trampoline' a grandiose feel that takes the track well beyond the confines of a measly dorm. To cap the track, sentimental acoustics transform into a swirl of synths and feedback-laden guitars.

According to the Yale Daily News, 'Trampolines' was initially conceived by Belgrad when he was a child. Once in college, he and his bandmates worked the track into a moving examination of nostalgia.

"At its core, 'Trampolines' is a nostalgic song that yearns for something that never really existed," says Vern Matz. "It's like driving through a suburban town and feeling a longing for a time and place that you never experienced. You know you can't have it, you never did -- it's just this feeling of reaching out.

"There's also all this discord that invades 'Trampolines': the warped strings, reversed drums, spliced vocals, and most notably, the end, which is an outburst that diverges completely from the form," the group continues. "For all the noise and somberness though, there's a lot of hope about things getting better, which initially was half-hearted, but now plays in a legitimately optimistic way."

Check out 'Trampolines' below and make sure to keep track of Vern Matz moving forward. A band with a track this solid is worth your time and attention.