Pop at its most gracious and rewarding is when it swings for the fences, rather than contemplate its successful formulas. Sure, the odds of a substantially successful project is lessened by risks, but the result of a positive risky venture can be so much more than what is possibly conceived before.

Last we heard indie pop duo IYES, members Melis and Josh were plodding through the addicting yet familiar territory of opposing pop sentiments with 'No Wonder'. As comforting and accessible as the track may have seemed, it couldn't substantiate the acclaim of being daring. Enter 'No Love', an almost visceral 180-degree turn from the previous release. The subdued, harmonious track filters out the grand elements, letting Melis sing with an enriching acoustic backdrop. And while the core of the track is indebted to popism, the overlaying aesthetic and shrouded echoes give it so much more inner appeal.

Listen to 'No Love' below and look out for the duo's Part 1 EP, coming August 14th.