So, let's imagine that you take a bit of Brown Brogues' essence and pop it into a centrifuge, then you extract a bit of PINS' DNA and add it to the broth. Let it all brew together, and you'd be expecting some seductively woozy, reverb filled fusion to flow out right? Well dream no more people, dream no more. IZE is the side project produced from 1/2 BroBro and 1/4 of the ladies (I've always been shit at maths and I can't be bothered to work out what that'd be as one fraction) and they've just uploaded an EP for us all to chuck our ten penneth at. It's pretty wonderful - thudding drums, gnawing chords, contrasting duets - and it's punchy too, with all four tracks using that lovely blend of short length/immediate impact.

It is exactly what you'd expect from the collaboration… And that is no bad thing.