Before he achieved international recognition as OM Unit, English producer/DJ Jim Coles worked under the alias 2tall. In the 2000s, he lived in London and spent his days studying music, meditating, making beats and developing his skills as a turntablist.

Between 2005-2008, Coles drew deeply from the influence of American labels Plug Research, Ghostly International, Poobah, and Stones Throw. It was an era when a new breed of music makers explored an interzone between hip-hop and electronica, and the possibilities felt limitless. During this period, Coles filled hard drive after hard drive with loops, sketches, and beats. Buoyant, inventive and colourful, they represent the early stages of Coles' development into Om Unit.

Years after the fact, Coles connected with IZWID Records founder Kutmah during a joint Australian tour. While travelling together, the two connected through a mutual appreciation of their respective work, leading to this curated archival release of Coles' pre-Om Unit work as 2tall. Coles handed over some hard drives and close to two years later, IZWID are ready to present Lost Stories, a collection of 18 beats from Coles archives.

Available in digital download or limited edition green swirl vinyl in hand screen printed covers (with artwork by Kutmah), Lost Stories is the total package. As IZWID put it, "[Lost Stories] captures a moment in time when experimentation mattered above all else, when possibilities felt abundant, and when a beat could be a doorway into infinity. And it also reminds us that you must remember where you came from in order to understand where you’re going."