J. Bernardt features Jinte Deprez of the immensely talented Belgian band Balthazar flexing his love for pop music with his debut album, Running Days. The album evokes a sense of ease, where Deprez is clearly at comfort with himself, in the way only a seasoned musician could be.

Running Days features an eclectic array of razor clean pop hooks and airy electronic beats which prominent throughout. However, fans of Balthazar need not to worry, because everything you love about Deprez's voice and demeanour is still at the forefront of this project, and nothing showcases that better than his latest offering, 'On Fire'.

Tell us about this new song, 'On Fire'. What made you want to have this start the album?

'On Fire' is literally the opening waltz. But then half-time with trap hi-hats. But it feels as a smooth introduction into where I want to go on this album musically, I didn’t want to bang the door with a heavy song. Thematically, the album is about many personal things, amongst them the beauty and cruelty of love. It felt logical to start with the beauty of love, it’s about a moment in time you connect with somebody. That freezing moment was also one of the reasons to have it as an opening track. My favourite albums always make me stop my life for a moment to dive into that album.

What does R'unning Days' mean to you? How does it feel to know that making this album is done and ready for the world?

Running Days is a feeling of running behind the facts, behind your own goals even. It was kind of a hectic way to make the album, as it’s been the last years with my other band, constantly on tour. It was a lot of input, it felt like a lot to absorb. Writing this album was part of the reason and yet part of the solution to tackle this feeling. The album is pretty low paced, I think as a natural reaction to the hectic speed of life. So not really a runner’s album, whatever the album title hints.

The album is done and ready for the world, but to me that means I can close this chapter and move on to the next. It’s quite a personal record, musically and lyrically, so I mainly did it for myself. I can only hope there are a few people who can relate to it as well.

  • Tracklist
  • 01. On Fire
  • 02. Calm Down
  • 03. The Other Man
  • 04. The Question
  • 05. High Low (Interlude)
  • 06. Wicked Streets
  • 07. My Own Game
  • 08. The Direction
  • 09. Motel
  • 10. Running Days