The J Dilla archive, it would seem, is a bottomless mine filled with gold.

April 10th will see Dilla Lost Tapes released on the Mahogani label. It's unclear if these are finished tracks or if the sound quality will pass for decent.


  • A1. I'm Back Nickl
  • A2. Dilla Beats 2
  • A3. 73 Soundtrack
  • A4. Slow as Trick
  • A5. Monkies N Car
  • A6. Token Jazz Hour
  • A7. Videogame 1
  • A8. Aahhh
  • A9. Still Laffin
  • A10. Session 4
  • B1. Licking
  • B2. Here We Go Again
  • B3. 3 Round Da Corner
  • B4. Me2
  • B5. Get Da Negga
  • B6. Havn Some Fun
  • B7. Halloween
  • B8. Clap For Me
  • B9. 9 No? Pleas
  • B10. Go Get Em