The latest chapter in the curious case of J Dilla's lost record collection is one that we think all fans will agree hints towards a happy ending for the Detroit producers family. Following on from last weeks will they or wont they be sold stories it has today been announced that after a meeting between Dilla’s mother, Maureen Yancey, and the record shop owner (Jeff Bubeck) who found the collection the records have been taken down from shelves of the Royal Oak store, UHF, and returned to their rightful home.

Instead it was announced on UHF’s Facebook page that "We have been in contact with the J Dilla Foundation. We are doing exactly as Mrs. Yancey wishes. The foundation needs help and we are helping. The complete story will be out soon. In the meantime the few records that were in the store have been removed due to the overwhelming amount of calls. They are back where we found them and Mrs. Yancey put them years ago. They eventually will be offered again for sale to benefit the Foundation, again based on her wishes. The personal property was never and will never be offered for sale. Mrs. Yancey will decide what to do with that."