Dinosaur Jr frontman and general axemaster extraordinaire J Mascis has announced that he'll be putting out a new solo album called Elastic Days via Sub Pop on November 9th. Along with the announcement he has shared the album's opening track 'See You At The Movies'.

Anyone who has been listening to Dinosaur Jr or J Mascis for a while will fully know what to expect from 'See You At The Movies', but that doesn't in any way diminish its utter pleasantness and tangible sense of longing nostalgia. Spun out on bright acoustic guitar chords, Mascis lays out poetic imagery that speaks to coveted memories slipping further into the past. With plenty of electric guitar interjections to help wring out the humanity from the words, 'See You At The Movies' is understatedly devastating in a quietly delightful way. Have a listen below.

Elastic Days comes out through Sub Pop on November 9th. Mascis will be touring extensively through North America in November and December; full dates here.