J-Walk is the moniker of Manchester-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Martin Brew, who has been embedded amongst the music scene of the city for well over a decade now. He put out the first J-Walk album in 2002, A Night On The Rocks, and followed this up with Off Beat in 2014. On December 1st he will return with Limelight Nights, an album that is “all about light, time, seasons and how certain points in the day or year can invoke a certain feeling or mood…from melancholy to joyfulness and all the other places in between.”

Today The 405 has the pleasure of premiering the title track. 'Limelight Nights' is an on-the-ground stroll through a bustling downtown of a city, just as night has fallen, when the weather is still warm enough for people to be out and about drinking, getting silly, canoodling or just having a good time. Seen through the goggles of J-Walk's 'Limelight Nights', all the world's neon lights shine out with euphoria and the life of the city comes resonating through vibrantly. Built around simple drum machines, expertly produced washes of guitar and bubbling synth melodies, 'Limelight Nights' is an immersive precursor to the album. Listen below.

Pre-order the album Limelight Nights now from Wonderful Sound.