Nowadays, there seems to be a constant breeding ground of young producers, armed with little more than a laptop and SoundCloud page, but eager to thrive in an overflowing industry. Yet from this crop of emerging talent, it is very seldom a musician is harvested with such an eclectic palette and crystalline sound to match.

Enter Joseph Zucco, aka J£ZUS MILLION. Sonically breaching our eardrums with his track 'Illusions Of' featuring Charli XCX earlier this summer, he is now ready to release his Cold Shoulder mixtape.

I gave the 19-year-old Boston beatmaker a call to chat about the mixtape, recording in his parent's basement and a lot of other "shit".

Hey Jospeh, what have you been up to?

Nothing much. I got up real early, I'm in LA right now and I'm just hanging out, going to meetings and shit.

Nice, so when did you start working on the mixtape?

Like January, and I finished in April I think.

And how much of that was spent in the studio?

It was in my parent's basement! It was going to be my debut EP on Double Denim and then I scrapped it because all the beats were made when I was seventeen and they were just shitty. So I just did the mixtape instead. It wasn't really anything special, I left school and I was kind of trapped in my house, so I would pull all nighters and work in my basement. That is the process right now. It is nothing too crazy, I don't even have monitors so I am still using headphones.

There is an eclectic mix of influences on the mixtape, where did all these come from?

I don't really know. In terms of drums and stuff I really like hip-hop, so that is a dominant influence in terms of sound. But in terms of energy and emotion, it is just from everyday experiences, so nothing really too specific. I listen to a lot of classical music too so I try to implement that. Just random shit!

There is definitely a bit of a Hudson Mohawke vibe on 'Jump'.

Yeah, I love Hudson Mohawke! He is awesome! When I listen to shit from other producers and I think they are awesome, I try to sort of let it inadvertently influence me as opposed to specific ways. I tend to not be like "I should do that with my shit" because I don't want to sound like anyone else really. I don't really try to do anything; I just sort of do it.

Do you get fed up with talking about your age?

Not really. I used to, and I am sort of learning to accept that I have a lot of time and I am using it wisely, but I am also in a rush. I am just trying to balance it all out.

What route are you going take on the live side of things?

Ideally, I would love to piece together a band. I have a friend who is a drummer and another who can play keyboard or guitar. So eventually one day I would like to have a decent set up for my own shit. But for now, it is just DJ'ing.

When did you start making music?

I started playing guitar when I was 10 and then along the way I picked up other instruments and taught myself how to play drums and piano. I started producing properly like a year or two ago. Just for fun after school, instead of doing homework I would make beats and shit. Then my managers picked me up and they have definitely been a big help.

So when did things really take off?

That was probably when I left school in December. I was like, "I don't really have time to do the school work and I wasn't really liking what I was doing in school anyway". It was just easy art school shit that I wasn't really having fun with. So I was missing classes and stuff to work on remixes and random beats. I still have enough credits to get back and I took a leave of absence so I still have two years to decide. This gives me a good window to keep making music and figure out how I am going to make this work as a job, as well as real fun art that I love to make. I don't think I'm going back though.

What's the plan after the mixtape?

I'm working on my debut EP that is coming out on Double Denim later this year - probably October or November. That and a lot of production work for other artists.

Right now I am in this sort of middle ground where I have this original concept that I love to make. So I would like to keep making that and I don't care where that goes. But I would honestly like to produce for other artists. So I would like to be an actual producer but at the same time I am still a musician, so I like making my own original shit. I don't really know where it is going but it is not going anywhere too bad so I can't really complain.

Cold Shoulder will be available from September 2nd as a free download.