A big hype was created around the live show of Sigúr Rós frontman Jónsi's solo project. It was said to be an interesting mix of theatre, music, performance, and art. Entering the arena and growing nervous throughout the lukewarm set of opener Mel, everything I started to replay in my head from various documentations and photos I'd seen prior to the performance couldn't have come even remotely close to what I felt while standing still, as Jón, Alex, Doddi, Óbó and Úlfur came onstage. In a game alternating extreme darkness and spots of blinding lights, wearing costumes reminiscent of Native Americans, of Vikings and of Incas all at once, the five boys, patchworked and frayed, stood in front of delightfully detailed and impressive visuals. Throughout the set, Jónsi's powerful, ethereal voice makes the crowd's collective heartbeat stop and start again, in sync with almost tribal drums courtesy of Doddi, adorned for the occasion with a gold paper crowd sitting steady on his head. Everything about the setting is made as a tribute to nature, from the voice and sounds that evoke big open spaces, lakes and mountains, to the projection behind the five silhouettes, plastered with deers and owls with seasons passing by, as on screen leaves detach themselves from tree branches and snow falls to an invisible ground.