Always acclaimed as being brilliant, evocative and enthralling live, Jónsi is considered to some as a ‘musical genius,’ or ‘the voice of heaven,’ and tonight provided much the same impression. With an impeccable stage show combining animation, projection and lights, the Apollo was brought to life as an array of imagery set the scene. Starting with a very atmospheric, slower vibe, Jónsi took the stage with only an acoustic guitar, capturing the audience beautifully. Then, the first chords of ‘Tornado’ came and the really lit up as a subtlety absorbed audience, stood, mesmerised, a part of their own surreal fantasy. After half an hour of slower, powerful tracks, Jónsi took a brief moment to thank everyone for coming, say hello and introduce ‘Go Do’, which was met with huge applause. As the first few chimes of ‘Go Do’ hit in, you could tell it was already a special moment, as the cymbals of the drums wove themselves into each corner, with each kick you felt a release. From this they went straight into the racing ‘Animal Arithmetic’ as hinges of movement fluttered throughout the crowd, the screens projecting a forage of spiders scattering on mass. The set mainly consisted of tracks from his new record Go, with its intricate loving rhythms and effortless harmonies, its true presence felt throughout the Apollo tonight. Both the sound and imagery brought a technically stunning gig, oozing in aesthetics. The highlight though, came with the encore as the band performed a vastly extended version of ‘Grow Til Tall,’ starting with almost an opraesque vibe, it grew and grew, as a storm unleashed its self on the screens behind, slowly intensifying as the music did. The song and graphics climaxing into mayhem as strobes flashed out of control and drums crashed powerfully over the lyrical god that is Jónsi. There was not person in the audience who was not completely absorbed and awe-struck. The band left to a standing ovation from everyone as they applauded and cheered for a good five minutes after they left the stage, briefly coming back on to once again thank everyone and say a final goodbye. A stunning and surreal night that left me wanting for more than the hour and a half long set.