Sadly the rumours are true: Jabberwocky festival has been cancelled.

It was set to take place at London's Excel Centre this weekend (15-16 August), but due to the reasons found in the official statement (MONEY), it's no longer taking place. Big, big shame.

It is with deep sadness we regret to inform everyone that as of today Tuesday 12th August 2014, ATP is being forced into cancelling this weekend’s Jabberwocky festival. Refunds will be available to all customers at the point of purchase.

We have put everything into promoting Jabberwocky, and despite healthy ticket sales; all our efforts could not take those sales to the point that we needed to finally stage the event. Over the past month and all the way up until this moment we have tried every possible course of action to follow through in delivering Jabberwocky to you, but the position we unfortunately find ourselves in as a result of a succession of events that have lost money in an increasingly aggressive festival market, means we are no longer able to do so.

In the past ATP has weathered losses such as this and gone on with the show, taking huge direct financial blows as an independent company. But on this occasion, with an event of this scale and the high production costs that come with it - if we had gone ahead; it would have 100% been the end of ATP. We do not take this decision lightly and it was the hardest we’ve ever had to make.

All other ATP Presents shows will go ahead as planned, including ATP Iceland with our local partners there in 2015.

We apologise to all the people we have let down from fans to the bands, the venue and all the suppliers. We have tried everything in our power to save this event and continue, but the losses we have recently incurred have unfortunately been too much for a company of our size to bear.

For any questions, please contact us at

Update: Here's a statement The Zeitgeist Agency (the festival's PR company) have issued:

Further to the recent confirmation from ATP about the cancellation of the Jabberwocky Festival this weekend, we as a company would like to distance ourselves from both the event and the promoter of the event - Willwal Ltd (ATP).

Willwal Ltd have failed to pay us for several months. We have tried hard to overcome this situation and find solutions, but Willwal’s representatives have revealed to us in writing that they used the funds destined for us in order to protect payments for venue and artists, rather than settle essential and agreed amounts to our company. It would appear that Willwal Ltd has been experiencing and is continuing to experience cash flow difficulties. We had a great campaign and as a trusted and respected contact we wanted you know to know that this situation has nothing to do with any wrongdoing by The Zeitgeist Agency Limited.

This situation has left our company with no alternative but to pursue Willwal Ltd by instituting legal proceedings on the 20th July to recover the substantial debt, to which Willwal Ltd have not responded. This is a course of action which as you can imagine, we have been very reluctant to take.

We love the industry we are in and feel for everyone else who's been affected by this mess, from the fans to the bands, to the media that trusted our word and gave great coverage.