JAC is the moniker of Jason Aaron Coons, an artist hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana. Having made a name for himself in his local music scene with his exhilarating brand of synthpop, JAC is pushing out into the larger world with his new single, '3-6-5.'

'3-6-5' is an excellently crafted pop track, full of layered synths, pulsing bass, and guitar flourishes. But it is ultimately Coons' heartfelt lyrics and vocal performance that push the track beyond standard electropop fare. His words and the way his voice carries them capture the sensations of longing and love with poignant clarity. Such a thing is a tough task for any artist, but JAC does it remarkably well and he managed to put a damn fun song around it.

You can stream JAC's '3-6-5' below. Be sure to keep an eye out for his future work as well. Pop artists that can conjure up such palpable emotion are a rare breed. JAC is certainly one to watch going forward.