Jack Black is to appear in Jake Kasdan's new movie, Sex Tape, playing "the CEO of a major porn company."

Black, known for his trademark facial expression (like when he has the revelation to impersonate Ned Schneebly in School of Rock, or when he's busy fighting Satan in Tenacious D) and ability to play light-hearted characters, will be sporting a tight moustache and a buttoned-up check shirt that's a size too small for his comical paunch.

Starring Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz (both from Kasdan's Bad Teacher), Sex Tape is about a couple who take a short holiday to save their marriage, make what the film's title may give away as a naughty home movie, and then frantically run about when it mysteriously goes missing.

It's likely that "porn baron" Black will appear when the couple’s tape goes missing, doing what he does best and appearing in the middle of some decapitated poultry-esque flapping, turning the story on its head.

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