Mazes released one of the more joyous albums of 2011 in the form of A Thousand Heys back in April on FatCat, a quite 'mazing debut album from the noise-tastic lo-fi four piece.

The main protagonist, Jack Cooper, in late July started a solo project titled 'Art Is Cheap' in which Cooper would write a song in exchange for an idea, guitar part, a lyric or just a song title; oh and £10 (though people could - and did - pay more. Radiohead style). What entailed was a highly fascinating insight into the process of creation and the idea of ownership and consumption of music. 35 songs were written and most can be found on the blog here - although a few were actually not released at all as some didn't want them on the blog, very much purists to the original idea one could say.

Yesterday 15 of the tracks were released as an album on Bandcamp, with subjects ranging from someone who thinks their friend might be a witch, a sad song about Sleater Kinney and a song for someone's nephew named Henry.

Only £5! Or 50 pence per track. Stream here:

Oh and if anyone fancies paying us a tenner to write on an arbitrary subject, just get in touch.