We've been building up to this moment for years now, haven't we? All the preparations have been made, the rehearsals are long gone, and tears of hope and joy have been shed. Yes, you guessed correctly, Jack Daniel's have boxed up their wonderful Tennessee Honey whiskey and sent it to us thirsty Brits!

Wait...did you think we were talking about the Olympics?

The drink was originally released last year in the States to critical acclaim, and now we get to give it a go.


The great thing about Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is its versatility. Whether it's served on the rocks, straight, or in a tall glass with lemonade, the rich carmel and vanilla flavours of Old No. 7 mixed with the sweet new taste of honey makes for a pretty special combination.

It's available to buy now at select bars, and will be available from selected supermarkets from August. For more information on the drink, as well as recipes and serving suggestions, head over to facebook.com/jackdanielshoneyuk. This article isn't just about honouring our new found whiskey crush though, as we have a pretty cool competition to share with you too.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is looking for the country’s finest creative ‘taparazzo’ to capture the summer Tennessee Honey finally hit out shores. Essentially the winner of the competition will be given the opportunity to travel all around the country, capturing people enjoying the summer months (you'll also get paid £100 per event too!). The events will range from beach parties, to fashion events, and will run from August through to October.

They're looking for an honest and original person who can take a great photo on their smartphone, and isn't afraid of attending events on their own. To apply you’ll need to send in details of previous/relevant work experience, no more than 500 words on why you should be the UK's first 'taparazzo', a recent photo and images you’ve taken with your smartphone camera app to JDTH@cirkle.com before the 14th of August.

Why not head for the gold medal this summer and give it a go?

Your friends at Jack Daniels remind you to drink responsibly.