It seems a bunch of technical difficulties caused Jack White to pull the plug on a recent show in Detroit, yet some people have suggested it was down to a lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. This is what the Detroit Free Press had to say about it:

"Having launched the evening with a typically scorching roar, depositing hot, gnarled guitar into the one-two punch of "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" and the new "High Ball Stepper," White soon became visibly displeased with the standing crowd's lack of intensity in what he wanted to be a symbiotic affair. Road manager Lalo Medina had already pleaded the case before show time, taking the stage and asking fans not to sit down or distract themselves with cell phone cameras. Sure enough, just a half-hour in -- after trying everything from a galloping "Hotel Yorba" to an acoustic reading of "Temporary Ground" with Lillie Mae Rische on harmony and Dominic Suchyta on upright bass -- White summoned his stagehands. And with a quick "Thanks, God bless you," he had the curtains pulled."

The story is way more interesting if we go with the idea that Jack White is boring live. Let's go with that.

In other White-related news, the 'caught grumpy at a sports event' man threw the first pitch at the Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox game last night. Can anyone explain the whole Santa thing for us?

Update: White apparently came back for a "20-song encore", or as we like to call it, "finishing his set". He's still pretty average at throwing a ball though.