The pair have been separated since Elson filed for divorce in June 2011, but the Jack and Karen saga continues as the Oldham-born Model claims to "fear for her and the children's safety" due to harassment on Jack White's part.

The harassment is said to have come after a lengthy custody battle for the pair's two children, and two incidents were described in City Paper:

"White wanted Elson to contact their kids’ private school in an effort to get their kids out of a class in which another entertainer’s child was present. White said that he feels that entertainer 'ripped off' his music, the order said. In another incident, White berated Elson when she attended the wedding of a rival musician. Again, he was upset because this entertainer also 'ripped off' his music, according to the order. The musician was unnamed in the court filing."

The order forbids White to approach Elson unless via email, and any contact with her can only be made if it pertains to parenting time with their children.

The two were married in 2005 after meeting on the video set for 'Blue Orchid'. When their divorce was finalised in 2011 they threw a party for family and friends, stating that they remained "dear and trusted friends".

Jack White has made no comment on the story as of yet.

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