In bizarre news, rock musician Jack White has fired some shots at a very unlikely source, the Guinness Book of World Records. Yes, you read that correctly.

In a conversation with Interview magazine, White brought up a "secret" show that he performed in Canada while he was still a part of the White Stripes with Meg White where they played a single note, therefore claiming the "Shortest Concert of All-Time" record.

However, when White contacted Guiness to include the performance in their record books, the attempt was denied.

"The thing is, though, that the Guinness book is a very elitist organisation. There's nothing scientific about what they do. They just have an office full of people who decide what a record is and what isn't. Most of the records in there - who has the biggest collection of salt-and-pepper shakers or whatever - are just whatever they want them to be. "So with something like the shortest concert of all time, they didn't think whatever we did was interesting enough to make it a record. I don't know why they get to decide that, but, you know, they own the book."

You know, I think The Jesus & Mary Chain might have had the shortest concert ever but really, this feels like something out of Spinal Tap.

Jack White's critically acclaimed debut solo LP Blunderbuss is out now.