We recently introduced you to Jackie Mendoza, an intriguing new voice from Chula Vista, CA, who fuses her latin origins with modern production. Today she has shared another new track called 'Seahorse', which comes from her debut EP LuvHz ("love hurts"), coming out April 26th. Speaking on the new single, Mendoza says:

“The song’s instrumentation mirrors the sense of being underwater; I imagined myself swimming between colorful coral reefs and seagrass. The sonic textures and theme behind this song are echoed throughout the EP.”

Like on previous single 'De Lejos', on 'Seahorse' Mendoza immediately subsumes us in a world of modern-sounding and amorphous music. As advertised, the track is underpinned by aquatic sounds, which emphasise the playful character of Mendoza's words. Blending dream pop sounds with a subtle beat, 'Seahorse' will wiggle its way into your consciousness, but its beauty and quirkiness ensure that it's a more than welcome visitor.

Jackie Mendoza's LuvHz EP is out through Luminelle on April 26th.