With tracks ‘De Lejos’ and ‘Seahorse’ having already entered the consciousness of listeners, folktronica/electro-pop artist Jackie Mendoza is quickly emerging as one of the promising new pop artists around, even though she has been releasing music since 2016. Expediting her rise, the Chula Vista, California-native has shared her captivating new single titled ‘Mucho Más,’ leaving listeners in insatiable anticipation of her debut EP.

Expanding upon the aqueous-hued sound of her two prior released singles, ‘Mucho Más’ is a woozy, arcane-leaning electro pop jewel with throbbing reggaeton influence brimming from within. However, unlike ‘De Lejos’ and ‘Seahorse’ there’s a slight dissonance overwhelming the entirety of ‘Mucho Mas.’ While it lacks the emotional warmth of the aforementioned, the emotional disconnect and hint of anxiety to both sound and lyrics allows Mendoza’s latest to stand on its own.

With digitized synths and a dense bassline dancing together, pinging off the walls of a dissension-filled chamber, ‘Mucho Más’ enthralls as an anxiety-ridden and introverted look into aspirations. Mustering bravery and seeking catharsis in boldness, Mendoza sings in her breathy vocal release, “mucho más allá” or, there is “way more out there.” Though this sentiment is expressed with worry in mind, it is poignant and reveals a young artist’s relevant fear in mystery, “hidden reasons” and “lost causes.”

In anticipation of the April 26 release of LuvHz, check out the vibrantly hypnotic music video for ‘Mucho Más’ above and make sure to pre-order her debut EP here.