It's been eight years since we've heard from IDM artist Jackson Fourgeaud, of Jackson and his Computerband fame. Their debut LP, Smash, was released in 2005. Now the wait is over.

Warp Records announced today that Jackson's new album, Glow, is dropping later this year. Fourgeaud describes the record as "a game of musical obsessions and rageous pleasures." Warp shared other tidbits about Glow, giving us a peek at the cover art as well as the tracklisting.

There's also a quick (and NSFW) trailer for the record, featuring the band and armed topless women resembling a scary Amish army looking fierce in a huge barn.

Glow is released September 2, along with Jackson and his Computerband bringing a brand new live experience. Having premiered the show in Nimes, France and appearing this weekend at Sonar, expectations seem high for this. Jackson calls it a "territory of everlasting changes and real time communion with the audience. My Computerband is now fully alive."

  • 1. Blow
  • 2. Seal
  • 3. Dead Living Things
  • 4. G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)
  • 5. Orgysteria
  • 6. Blood Bust
  • 7. Memory
  • 8. Pump
  • 9. Arp #1
  • 10. More
  • 11. Vista
  • 12. Billy