Since 2014, the Jacksonville, Fla., four-piece Faze Wave has been dropping music at a fairly steady clip. In that stretch, the band has released two EPs and dropped an LP in 2016, Melt. What's more, all of it has been pretty damn good. As 2018 slowly creeps along, Faze Wave is looking to make a splash with their latest release, 'Suburban Boy.'

Filled with the kind of longing and wistful heartache that can only exist in a boy from the suburbs, vocalist/guitarist Matthew Flynn showcases his lyrical storytelling skills while the work of his bandmates -- guitarist Jacob Nemeth, bassist Hunter Hielman, and drummer Zachary Stickler -- offer a lovely piece of ear candy. Stickler's drums propel the track forward while Nemeth's dreamy guitar line hit the sweet spot and Hielman's bass offers the potential for a little dancing

In other words, Faze Wave has assembled a sweet little package that is ripe for repeat listens. Expect 'Suburban Boy' to worm its way into your brain thanks to its delightful chorus and guitars. It is amazing that some people could think guitar music is a thing of the past when a band like Faze Wave drops an aural gem like 'Suburban Boy'

Stream Faze Wave's 'Suburban Boy' down below.