Today marked the release of Canadian producer Jacques Greene's newest venture, the Phantom Vibrate EP. The three-track effort, out courtesy of LuckyMe, came as prep work for Greene's forthcoming headline shows in London, Brooklyn, and his native Montreal.

Earlier this year, Greene debuted the EP's A-Side, 'No Excuse'. The single's soft-blips and calculated distortions featured some misty R&B vocals - none of which come again during 'Feel What'. The EP's B-Side, rather, slips in some more dynamic ambient elements, casting it somewhere between daydreams and a warm mess.

Stream 'Feel What' below and order the new Phantom Vibrate EP today.

Greene will also be performing a limited set of tour dates in North American and England later next month, starting at Detroit's Movement Festival.

  • May 26 - Detroit, Movement Festival
  • May 28 - Seattle, Q Nightclub
  • May 29 - Vancouver, Fortune Sound Club
  • May 31 - Lyon, Nuits Sonores (LIVE)
  • June 7 - Manchester, Parklife Festival