Jacuzzihidive's 'Elevated' (out this May) is an experimental, funky take on the Nu-Disco genre. It starts of as an IDM, almost jungle inspired glitch tune before morphing, via the use of a warm pad and clever effects, into an happy almost half stepper beat before finally showing its true self by turning into what it actually is, a slice of future gazing electro space funk by way of, paradoxically, a retro, period take on classic disco. Ya dig?

It's an extremely well thought out, genre defying opening to any kind of tune, and trust me I was shocked, surprised and a little bit excited by it all (in equal measure may I add). Employing plucked yet slappy bass lines, that sound like they have been fed into a huge fx board consisting of all types of flange, phase and delay pedals, synthetic strings playing off organic organ vamps, along with all sort of rubbery, filter tweaked acidic twangs, short swooshy noises, bloopy effects and vocals that add colour to the mix as well as a sensual touch to the tune, Jacuzzihidive launch us into a cosmic jaunt of contemporary disco laden Parliament type funk. The whole thing is a massive contradiction, defying any kind of expectation you may have on what funky disco is, what it was and what it can still be.

What's most astounding about the single is the journey it takes you on, weaving between influences and mashing sounds into a dense but focused mix that is constantly in a state of flux, unable to decide what it wants to do next, kind of like an impatient toddler savant unsure of what it subsequently wants to master. The way that it is put together is very, very creative and daring. Managing to juxtapose the organic with the synthetic whilst at the same time retaining a sound that is true to its heritage, but at the same time is so extremely far removed from it is no mean feat.

The club edit continued in the vein of classic disco pioneers such as Bobby Viteritti and others in the Studio 54 scene, by adding the steady pulse of a 4 x 4 kick drum to proceedings, creating a tight club friendly (indeed needed – as I'm not sure how many clubbers would actually be able to keep up with the lead track!) revision of their title track. Jacuzzihidive are certainly out to prove a point that disco doesn't "suck" and on the whole they most definitely succeed.