Words by: Kyle Besuschko Urban collision is a term that could be used to describe the extensive portfolio of collage pieces created by Danish artist Jakob Kolding. Urban activities. Urban buildings. Urban narratives. Urban living. His fascination with city life and its effect on the individual is what Kolding is proposing in his upcoming exhibition appropriately titled "Memories of the Future" at Team Gallery, where all pieces are confined to the historical past and the pending future. While those may sound like rather loose time boundaries, the technique of collage permits Kolding to demonstrate the multiplicity of factual dating of items within a single, compiled piece.  Age is a factor that is referential in defining relationships between people and society, people and objects and people and themselves. Considering the metropolitan focus of these pieces, the projection of this idea is perhaps best demonstrated within his work titled "Untitled (Alice)", where Kolding has merged elements of architecture, technology, graffiti, cartoon drawings and a person into one space.  The layering of these images provides an evaluation of urban life; that mass confusion created by living in a buy-build-use-trash society prevents the individual from critically analyzing the elements that make up his or her environment. That we, like the crazy world of the miniature Alice cartoon depicted above the boys head are meant to be living in an assumed Wonderland. Just what is it today that makes todays homes so different, so appealing?” "Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?” - Richard Hamilton In utilizing the banal, reproducible, kitsch images of everyday life taken from photos, newspapers, comics and graffiti, "Memories of the Future" feels like an exhibition more akin to the pop art of Richard Hamilton than Andy Warhol. As one glances through lambda prints and collage pieces that will make up this collection, there is a commitment to display the impact of urbanity and the rise of western capitalist consumerism in the fifties and the resulting values of contemporary society.  Where Hamilton had successfully demonstrated post war London as enthralled by American commodity goods in his work, "Just what is it that makes today'shomes so different, so appealing?". Kolding utilizes the same, in-your-face collage effect with the intention of demonstrating the individual’s attempt to visually provoke or challenge the (lack of) societal values by say, tagging or appearing as a skinhead. Where once these acts of anti-establishment may have been seen as an expression of disdain, now such attempts at rebellion have become cliche, a mere image disappearing alongside the cartoons, tabloids, architecture and technology into the urban landscape. Jakob Kolding’s Memories of the Future will be on display from February 19th - March 28th at Team Gallery, 83 Grand Street, NY NY For more information on Kolding and Team Gallery, visit http://www.teamgal.com/