Continuing his residency at BBC Radio 1 on Thursday nights, here's James Blake with another new track called 'Building It Still'. He dropped it during his show last night; it's becoming a good venue for him to do this sort of thing, sneaking in some of his own stuff back in September.

Whatever, anyway, the track is a classy serving of bass and dusty gin palace pianos, a living-and-breathing masterclass in naturalistic sound. Snippets of vocals appear and disappear, pulled in by their tongues from other dimensions, still walking their phantom walks amidst the booming architecture that Mr Blake has built with his brain and his hands.

Towards the end the rhythm changes, a different vocal spirit possesses the track, shuffling truncated chords slowly back off into shady corners with dub delay. Multi-faceted and unpredictable, this is sounds older than it is, it sounds newer than it is – it's decidedly James Blake's creation.

Please listen.