BBC Radio One's Essential Mix is on a bit of a hot streak at the moment, and that continued in the form of a James Blake mix finally being aired (having been scheduled to create one earlier this year, but was postponed for reasons unknown).

It's a wildly electic mix as you'd expect, veering from hip-hop to classical, from dubstep to witchouse - just to confuse any clubbers coming in at 4am on Saturday morning with irregular pupil sizes.

Rather excitedly at least three new or unheard tracks from Blake it seems can be found on the mix in the shape of 'Olivia Kept', 'Deeds' and 'Evening Fell Hard For Us, alongside tracks by Snoop Dog, Arthur Russell, Stevie Wonder and many more over the two hours.

It has been made available for download by Blake over the weekend on his melange of social networks, which you can grab here. Or go to the source and stream it on iPlayer is you would so prefer, and also to check out the tracklisting