Unsurprisingly, James Blake played some music on his BBC Radio 1 Residency last night. Some of his friends from 1-800-Dinosaur were there, too. Some of the songs that he played were by artists that include Joy Division ('Atmosphere', in particular), Zomby, Jeff Buckley (a posthumous Jeff Buckley album called You And I was announced yesterday), Travi$ Scott, Erik Satie and Peter Gabriel.

Mr. Blake also did some talking with his mouth, whereby he was able to discuss Justin Bieber's new sound and to profess his love of cooking Indian food at home. I am glad that "at home" was included in that last bit because otherwise you might have got the impression that he cooks Indian food elsewhere; although you could infer, if you wanted to, that sure, he loves cooking Indian food at home, but he hates cooking it whilst on the tube, or DJing. Looks like you'll have to listen to the show in order to clarify that.

If you think that you would like to pamper yourself with the sound of James Blake's voice and his taste in music, then please go over to the BBC site and listen to it there.

Last month he covered Simon & Garfunkel's 'The Sound Of Silence'. Reacquaint yourself with, or discover, it for the first time below.