London producer and all-round blog-bait James Blake has peeled back his mysterious shroud to drop not one, but two new cuts from his much-anticipated sophomore effort, Overgrown, scheduled to arrive 8th April.

The first to be dropped was 'Every Day I Ran', a bonus track on the album, with freshly hewn Big Boi vocals getting shredded and given the post-dubstep treatment. It's sparse, fragile and ominous – the caustic rap segments jar beautifully with Blake's effortless electronica. It's doused in foggy midnight synths and boasts a drugged intensity that Ratatat are famous for. The second number to be streamed today is 'Take A Fall For Me', which features RZA – Blake is sure showing his love of hip-hop – it's a more straightforward song, with maudlin clicks and emotional keys; RZA's flow powers through white noise above clipped soul fragments.

Listen to both on Blake's Tumblr.