James Brooks only announced his new project Dead Girlfriends last week, but after criticism he has already changed his moniker to Default Genders.

The former Elite Gymnastics musician initially named the project after his Tumblr and also as a reference to some of the feminist themes in his lyrics. Though, Brooks has received criticism due to the name giving out a wrong message and not putting equality across.

"this is a post where i tell you that i have officially changed the name from “dead girlfriends” to “default gender” 
the name sort of had an effect i didn’t want, and it took me a little while to think of another phrase i could use that contained words that start with D and G so the artwork with claire’s drawing would still make sense. it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily but thematically it makes more sense i guess 
i’m in the process of changing all the URLs and stuff that it’s possible to change, changing the name in the actual artwork and website header and stuff will take me longer and i can’t do anything about the press that’s already out there with the old name, but it will probably come out in the wash eventually 
i apologize to anyone who’s inconvenienced by this but especially to anyone who was upset or offended or grossed out by the old name, and to the other band that was using the name first

Brooks has also unveiled the video for 'Stop Pretending', the title track from his new EP. The visual features psychedelic colours, lyrics and a cat.

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