Clyde Stubblefield, mainly known for his role as James Brown's drummer, has died at the age of 73 due to kidney failure.

A well-respected figure within the business and an inspiration to numerous musicians, Stubblefield's genius was immortalised on Brown's 1970 track 'The Funky Drummer', which has been sampled by the likes of Run DMC's ('Run's House'), Public Enemy ('Fight The Power'), Moby (Drug Fits the Face'), and N.W.A. ('Fuck Tha Police').

Among his many fans were Questlove (who wrote a poignant homage on his Instagram) and Prince, who was helping Stubblefield with medical bills regarding treatment for bladder cancer.

Watch Stubblefield play 'Fight The Power' with The Roots' Questlove on Jimmy Fallon in 2011: