The American analog synth duo, James & Evander have been making music together since 2005. They recently dropped their EP Constellating, with three new tracks and two amazing remixes by Ander and Shortcircles. They have previously released one LP, one EP and a collection of remixes of artists (Fleet Foxes, Jon Brion, Nazcar Nation++), but not before now have they added vocals to their songs. A clever move of the duo, because the vocals on the song 'Constellating' really makes it a outstanding track. They manage to produce beautiful electropop that is both dreamy and really really catchy. It has been on repeat on my stereo freakishly long now.

James & Evander's music is a mash-up of quite simple synth melodies, looped beats and drum machines, and I will categorize their sound as electronic future-pop with a dash of chillwave. Just beautiful.

Watch out for these two guys, I bet we will hear a lot more from James & Evander. The sooner, the better. The title track is already among one of the best songs I've heard this year.