DJ, producer, label owner and artist extraordinaire James Holden has been missing from our radars for quite some time now, his absence all the more noticeable after he dropped the magnum opus that is The Inheritors back in 2013. Unsurprisingly, Holden has been all over the map looking for new mind-expanding musical inspirations in places like Morocco to bring back into his unrelentingly creative mind. Today he has re-emerged, not just by himself but with an expanded band called The Animal Spirits, and together they have created a new album which will be coming out on November 3rd.

James Holden & the Animal Spirits' album is entitled The Animal Spirits and was recorded entirely live in Holden's Sacred Walls studio in London. Holden's intention was to lead the band through their compositions in single takes with no overdubbing, in order to capture the ephemeral "psychic communion" that can be created when so many musical minds are focused on the same goal in the same space. The result is The Animals Spirits, an album that seems set to bore into the historical depths of rusty and psychedelic jazz, while simultaneously remaining fluid, unpredictable and heedless of genre or adherence to any particular sound. In short, it's going to be a hell of a journey. Just listening to the 6 and a half minute 'Pass Through Fire', which can be heard below, gives a glimpse into the boundary-dissolving fusion of the myriad influences that Holden and The Animal Spirits have created. In and of itself 'Pass Through Fire' is an overwhelming experience, but it just means we'll need multiple listens in order to acclimatise before the whole album is released.

James Holden's The Animal Spirits comes out through his own Border Community imprint on November 3rd.