Recently we brought you the news that James Holden would be making his long-awaited comeback with a new album entitled The Animal Spirits, arriving 3rd November. The album is said to be a very collaborative, jazzy project, recorded with a live band in a feverish one week session. We got a glimpse of that in the wild and unpredictable 'Pass Through The Fire', but the new song 'Each Moment Like The First' offers a different angle into the creative process for this album.

'Each Moment Like The First' is the only song on The Animal Spirits that was not recorded in that fabled week-long session, but actually came beforehand. This version of the song was the first time Holden and drummer Tom Page had ever played the song together, more or less improvising as they went along; they later tried to re-record the song with better equipment and more of a plan, but Holden says "there was something untouchable about the truth of that first time." You can absolutely hear the spirit of creation in the way the song unfolds organically and ravenously eats up the inspiration of the players, building steadily and wondrously as it goes. Listen to 'Each Moment Like The First' below.