When we talk about artists or producers who are "eccentric", "quixotic", "incomprehensible", and "fucking mad genius yeah", who we're really talking about is James Holden. With his third album, recorded with his evolved band The Animal Spirits, imminent (released November 3rd as The Animal Spirits), he's dropped the captivating video for the densely textured, unavoidably compelling, confoundedly profound title track.

The video is as mesmeric as its soundtrack; directed by Dan Tombs and starring dancer and choreographer Lucy Suggate, it splices numerous takes of Lucy's improvised performance together in an iridescent collage. Suggate has been collaborating with Holden for a while, since Suggate enacted a solo show 'Pilgrim' set to Holden's superlative-defying masterwork The Inheritors. Evidently, it's been a fruitful collaboration. He explains;

"Lucy is a part of this record even though she doesn't make a sound on it: She and I met regularly throughout the time I was writing - in dance studios & rehearsal rooms, her practising her improvised dance, me practising my improvised music to a perfect audience of one. This song became what it is in those sessions, her wildness was in the record before we made this film of it."

Holden also plays London's Islington Assembly Hall December 6th and tickets can be found here.