Not only do I love the sound going on here, I totally love this idea, and I also like tennis (I once broke my knee at the start of summer, like that episode of the Simpsons when Bart breaks his leg, and I just watched tennis on TV all day long).

So I just listened to the snippet of 'Match #176', which has now taken me to the almost 15-minutes-long 'Match #186, Women's Final, US Open Sessions'. I love this music. It's bleepy and bloopy and atmospheric, sounds like the soundtrack to a dank and difficult action RPG set in a castle, like Castlevania maybe but for the sake of continuity your weapons could be an assortment of Tennis-related items. It's dark and computerised, just like early video games of the castles-and-monsters ilk.

Anyway, this is stuff that James Murphy together with IBM have come up with, somehow taking the data from tennis matches, putting it through some sort of music-based algorithm which then comes up with a music. A music, yes. That was a mistake but I'm leaving it in— HA HA HA. More than 400 hours of a music, to be precise.

Anyway, you can listen to all the tennis goodness on IBM's SoundCloud, a little bit below (where you'll find, at the bottom, a video explaining how they do all this madness), but mainly it'll be uploaded as an album, complete with 12 tracks – reworkings of James Murphy's absolute favourites in this process – called Remixes Made With Tennis Data on 19th December. Shame we've already done albums of the year and all that, isn't it?

'Match #187, Men's Final, US Open Sessions' is really nice by the way, less dark and more lush green first level kind of stuff. Bright and jolly. Not part of the Remixes, but still…