You almost certainly know James Murphy as the face and genius behind LCD Soundsystem, but most recently he has been dipping his toe in the vast world of coffee.

With All His Friends nowhere to be seen, and just beans and another chap named James (Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle coffee) to help him, Murphy has developed his long hinted signature coffee, House of Good. Described as "syrupy, well-balanced and thoroughly accessible," the espresso shares its name with Murphy’s forthcoming Brooklyn store – which we hope is also syrupy, well-balanced and thoroughly accessible.

A more complex description is offered by his collaborators:

"Its flavor profile – dried cherry, cocoa, meyer lemon – is a harmony between the voluptuous and the austere: It’s akin to the second movement of Carl Nielsen's Symphony No. 3 – or, perhaps, to that buzzing, syncopated synth line from "Dance Yrself Clean." Depends on which James you ask."

For the slightly hefty fee of $26.00 a pound, a bag could be yours soon.

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