James Murphy approaches things differently. The stroke of genius that he paints across nearly everything he touches is proof enough. Murphy's life post-LCD Soundsystem has seen him focus on even more 'Big Ideas' including Despacio and a vision to soundtrack the subway in NYC. For the moment though, he's teamed up with IBM to bring us music made with tennis data.

According to the official website, the US Open Sessions see James Murphy and IBM team up to turn "US Open match data into live streaming music in real time with the IBM Cloud." The primary music generator is an algorithm, one they created to translate between the tennis data and the music. They're not writing the music, they're just generating the probabilities.

With nearly 400 hours of music up their sleeves, what we've heard so far is akin to a video game locked inside a German nightclub. The first remix is of Match #04, one of James Murphy's favourite matches (earning it an intriguing description), "When a young player beats a top-seeded player, like in this match from August 25th, it's bound to make some noise. And in this case, that noise is glorious: a series of simple, almost sweet opening notes that slowly transform into unexpectedly intense, mature sounds. Beats bubble up from out of nowhere, swiftly take over and set the track in an uncompromising new direction. Hear how James portrays the swagger of the younger player and the relentless drama of the match in the deep, pulsing beats."

Remix of Match #104 is here:

You have to do the official game research yourself, but all of the volleys and faults have been captured for you; or at least synthesised. For uncut, original tracks and more of James' remixes, click here. If you want to learn exactly how they've done it, check out the video below.