Is there a great rivalry forming in the world of Indie Rock? A clash between a man as bald as the moon, and a man with a face like thatch. One a lover of coffee and the other of tea. The only thing stopping them from tearing each other apart their shared love of music sets long enough to be performance art?

Well... probably not. As fun as a James Murphy vs. Billy Corgan showdown would be, that's probably not why he's drafted in 2manydj's to play a six hour vinyl-only Despacio set with him at Barcelona's Sonar Festival (OR IS IT!?(It's not)). Murphy just wants to spin some great songs on an insane soundsystem that would probably blow the roof off of Corgan's tea shop. The Despacio soundsystem has seven custom built speakers, 42 massively expensive amplifiers and is probably worth more than anything you'll own in your entire life. Check it out in action below.

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